Accountability Program

Before the formation of Gold Standard Strength L.L.C., the vision was not only to provide Premium Diet & Exercise Programs, but to provide second to none customer support by enrolling each subscriber in an Accountability Program. Through the years of studying research from psycholoigsts on why some succeed in reaching their fitness goals and why some do not, as well as witnessing it first hand, Gold Standard Strength L.L.C. realizes that without ACCOUNTABILITY the probability of reaching any goal is reduced exponentially.
As a result, Gold Standard Strength L.L.C. refused to develop ‘fitness programs.’ The goal was to provide a program that FINALLY gave an edge to anyone who wanted to meet or surpass what they thought was possible.

“…you will only hold yourself accountable for goals that others know about. Tell someone what you’re up to…”


When you subscribe to a program, we welcome you to the family! You are immediately assigned a Fitness Specialist that is available to you 24/7 depending on your goals. Our Specialists have been trained to treat your goals as if they were more important than their own. Our motto is ~ “If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.” Next, you are added to our ‘Accountability Report’ Mailing List which is 100% required to complete every week in order to guarantee ‘your edge.’ The Accountability Report is a short report that takes no more than 30 seconds to complete and submit. You can choose to have your report reviewed with your specialist via phone or email at a time of your choice. During the review, your specialist can customize and tweak your program in order for it to better suit your lifestyle, exercise limitations, and/or eating habits.
If by some chance you forget to submit your Accountability Form, have no fear!! We will send you a reminder email to do so. If we still don’t receive a form from you after that we will contact you directly to make sure that you have all of your questions answered and provide you with anything you need to stay on track! It’s Bullet Proof!- All we need is for you to stay in contact with us so we can stay committed to YOU 24/7.

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