Q: When can I contact GoldStandardStrength.com about my program?

A: Anytime!! GoldStandardStrength.com Specialists are available during normal business hours (8-5) Monday-Friday via phone (410.430.4295) & 24/7 via E-Mail!

Q: Can I talk with a specialist to customize or alter my program to make it a better fit for my lifestyle?

A: Definitely. We are here to help you! Whatever you need to make your program work for you, is what we will do.

Q: Can I get the promotional rate on a subscription although I’m already subscribing??

A: YES. You must first sign up for the ‘promotional rated subscription’ then send us an E-Mail asking for a reimbursement of the difference between your current rate and the promo. rate. (Example: 3 Month Promotional rate is $45 instead of the original $60. Go to the subscriptions page and purchase the promotional subscription first. Next, send an E-Mail to info@goldstandardstrength.com informing us that you need to be reimbursed for the difference between your current subscription and the promotional subscription ($15) via PayPal. GoldStandardStrength.com will reimburse you via PayPal and send you a confirmation E-Mail within 2 business days. Easy as 1-2-3!

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