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(STRENGTH) Based Resistance Workouts – (Sent/Posted ON Mondays)
(ENDURANCE) Based Resistance Workouts – (Sent/Posted on Wednesdays)
(CARDIO & CORE) Based Workouts – (Sent/Posted on Fridays)

(STEP 1) ** SIGN-UP BELOW, THEN USE your snapchat account to take a picture of our snap code below to add, or use our username ‘SNAPSHREDD



 (Step 2) ONCE your sign-up is confirmed on our end, you will gain access to your SnapShredProgram workouts!!

 **(You will only gain access to the SnapShredd Program if you have signed-up. Simply adding us as a friend will not gain you access to the account.)

The price for membership is $1.00 per Week.

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