Protein right? Well…Not exactly. Here’s why…

When we consume just protein after a workout, our body is not very responsive to it. The reason being, the body is searching to replenish its most used energy source- muscle glycogen/ blood sugar through the fastest way possible, carbohydrates, not protein.


Once the carbohydrates are consumed immediately post-workout, the body senses the consumption and releases insulin in to the blood stream. This response allows the muscles of the body to become receptive to any and all nutrients being consumed.

So, let’s say we consume purely protein post-workout… We do not get an insulin secretion because the body does not detect any nutrient that can immediately replenish its muscle


glycogen/blood sugar. Therefore, the muscles are not receptive to the consumed protein, the protein slips through the digestive system, and only about 10-15% maximum gets

absorbed efficiently.

With that said, a carbohydrate/protein supplement post-workout is key to a COMPLETE RECOVERY. If you are interested in a further explanation of this process, please review these peer reviewed and scholar articles…

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