Robert Haviland – (MS, PTA, CSCS, Ces)


Robert Haviland is a PTA, C.S.C.S (certified strength/conditioning specialist), C.E.S ( corrective exercise specialist), C.N.C (certified nutritional consultant) and recently completed a Masters’ Degree in Rehab Science/Sports Performance from California University.

He is a Master of Long-Distance training and an expert in the field of Triathlete training and race prep. In addition, Robert also has experience in…

• Sports Medicine    • Inpatient/Outpatient Rehab
• Work Hardening   • Athletes, Adults, Geriatrics
• Aquatic



An adjunct instructor at Indian River State College (Fort 546321_374328822614617_1675362701_nPierce, FL.) in the Physical  Therapy department, Robert’s athletic background includes being a former collegiate Division 1-AA football player and 10-time USAT All-American Triathlete & is currently in pursuit of his PHD degree.


>> Robert’s goal is to help and guide clients, patients, and athletes worldwide that are 100% committed to their goals by providing them with personalized, hands-on training programs that are custom-made to their requirements and requests. In turn, this will help them attain their highest potential in athletics, nutrition, and fitness using the latest scientifically-validated and evidence-based training methods.

Race Records & P.R.’s


>> 5K Program for the Intermediate Runner


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