Goal: Tone / Build Upper Body Strength

Program: Toning

Start (June ’13) : 132 lbs. / Body Fat: 22.5%

Finish (September ’13) : 118 lbs. / Body Fat: 13%

Testimonial: “Before I started the Gold Standard Strength Toning program, I lacked confidence in my workouts. I didn’t know what to do in the gym, what I should be eating, how to put it all together. Gold Standard Strength has given I need to continue to see results as well as educate myself on how the body works to adopt a healthier lifestyle…”
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Goal: Lose Weight / Gain Strength

Program : Toning / Muscle Gain Customized

Start (June ’13) : 264 lbs. / Body Fat: 34%

Last Update (November ’13) : 242 lbs. / Body Fat: 24%

Testimonial: “Training with Gold Standard Strength, as well as personally training with Mr. Thiele, has given me the motivation and the ability to focus on or what’s important in my programs to maintain a me everything lifestyle with fitness…”Mark combined pic


Goal: Cut weight / Build Muscle

Program: 14 Day Fat-Annihilation / Muscle Gain customized

Start (Feb. ’13) : 210 lbs. / Body Fat: 26%

Finish (June’13) : 188 lbs. / Body Fat: 16%

Testimonial: “The Muscle Gain Program in combination with the 14 Day Fat-Annihilation program apply certain principles that utilize all the processes of the body. I had struggled for the better part of a decade until I started to follow these programs.The accountability program makes all the difference in keeping you on track. The GSS specialists are 100% knowledgable in all aspects of fitness- I won’t go anywhere else!”


Goal: Tone / Burn Fat / Build Upper Body Strength

Program: Toning / 14 Day Fat-Annihilation

Start (Feb. ’13) : 135 lbs. / Body Fat: 23%

Finish (June’ 13) : 122 lbs. / Body Fat: 15.5%

Testimonial: “For years I have always been ‘fit.’ But I wanted to take it to the next level. Fit wasn’t good enough, I wanted to be elite! Gold Standard Strength opened a world of basic things I wasn’t doing on a daily basis. I wasn’t eating enough consistently to really put on lean muscle. The accountability program helped me kick start these principles until they became part of my lifestyle- I am now more fit than ever…”

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Goal: Gain Weight / Build Muscle

Program: Muscle Gain

Start (Sept. ’13): 158 lbs. / Body Fat: 16%

Finish (January ’13): 175 lbs. / Body Fat: 14.6%

Testimonial: “For years I’ve had trouble building muscle and putting on weight. After following the Muscle Gain program I realized what it took exercise, but moreover diet wise- to be able to put on the muscle mass I had been looking for. GSS and Ryan made possible what I thought never could be…”


Goal: Burn Fat / Build Lean Muscle

Program: 14 Day Fat-Annihilation / Toning

Start (June ’13): 158lbs. / Body Fat: 26%

Finish (September ’13): 138 lbs. / Body Fat: 14.4%

Testimonial: “As a former college athlete, I had always been active, which allowed me to never have to really watch what I ate or how I trained. After I graduated, I began to get off track- my workouts lacked the intensity I had as an athlete and was lost in terms of what I should be eating to get back to where I once was. Gold Standard Strength and their Specialists taught me to follow the M.A.P. to success everyday, which helped me regain the athlete within!”

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